The different laptop displays types you should keep in mind 

Laptops are easy to use devices that have been in existence for quite a while now. But there are certain factors that one should bear in mind when choosing a laptop. Factors such as power capacity, memory space are all the more prevalent and do not need much train of thought as they are regularly sought-after. Today, we are going to look one trivial factor namely laptop display types and why they are of such importance.

What are laptop display types?

• Laptop display types specify how the pictures and images are projected onto the screen. They are not to be confused with the quality of the picture as that is one whole different criteria. However, both quality and the type of display are inter-related as they are connected to each other.  

• For instance, we have heard of terms such as pixels and HD, these two represent the picture quality and how the quality of the picture alone is. Better pixel rates constitute higher picture quality and HD is an improvement of them.  

• There are also better features available now namely QHD and UHD, these two are high-resolution pictures and are otherwise called as 2k and 4k picture quality respectively. As stated earlier, these have higher pixel counts and have amazing picture quality.  

• Coming back to the type of display types, the most common one that everyone has heard of is LCD, LCD was one of the first types to come out and is still in use, it is, however, replaced by other types now as there are better ones that have come out since its arrival.  

• The newer version after LCD was LED which is also very common and is used in a variety of applications apart from laptop display types. They are light emitting diodes which have a range of applications. They are cheap and are found in plenty, and owing to its good quality, it is used a lot in electronic devices.  

• OLED came after LED and is one of the newer versions that people are not familiar with, it was initially used in TV’s to revolutionize the type of display and it stuck but the problem was with the pricing as OLED is more expensive when compared to the LED and LCD display types.  

• The OLED display type is also spread into two, namely, AMOLED and PMOLED both used in different applications but of the two AMOLED is the one which is more commonly used and AMOLED is the type of OLED which is used in TV’s and all to achieve good display.  

Display and choice  

Looking at all the types of display that we have talked about, it might seem a little strenuous to pick a laptop when it comes to choice. But, one must look at their options and need as to narrow down the choice. Certainly, not all of us would have the same choices, right? Existing resources determine what you truly need and they help break down at the moment, for, after all, a good laptop is one which you are satisfied with.